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The painters of the rocks


10.000 years ago, men and women who inhabited what became the Sahara, recorded their history in its rocks. At the heart of the massif formation known as Tassili N'Ajjer, in the Northeast of Hoggar, across a terrain of about 8 million hectares, not less than 15.000 paintings and other drawings bear witness to what fueled their lives and dreams. It has come to be considered a "world heritage site" by the UNESCO and a "biosphere reserve". The film, "Tassili N'Ajjer : Painters of the rocks" proposes the discovery of this treasure for an international audience.

- An adventure movie, because to reach the most interesting sites demands an expedition powered by a caravan of tens of mules and guided by those whose parents accompanied the first explorers .
- An ethnographic movie, because the film will reveal the life style and the traditions of the Touaregs, the only ones to know the secrets of the rocks.
- A historical movie, because we will get to know, at least a bit better, the stories of these people and retrace their memories.

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